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Building Energy Management System

Building energy management

​Building energy management

It is an integrated control, management, and operation system that maintains a pleasant indoor environment and supports efficient use of energy. You can monitor the consumption of energy sources such as electricity and gas through sensors and instruments in the building's energy use heat source facilities (cooling and heating, hot water supply, electric heat, etc.).  It provides a variety of statistics and analysis data, allowing you to manage buildings at a much higher level.

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power energy meter

It is a future-oriented energy management solution for power and energy saving. Existing switchgear-centered energy management systems lack detailed energy consumption management, and at a time when energy costs are rapidly rising, there is a need to reduce unnecessary waste by accurately measuring and managing the energy consumption of final loads. .

Split Core Current Transformer (Clamp CTs) are used when installing for energy monitoring purposes in MCC panels or distribution panels, so it is easy to install in existing distribution panels and MCC panels, reducing risk factors during live wire work, and touch LCD on the front of MCC panels or distribution panels. You can monitor locally by installing Display.

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