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We provide new value and service to our customers with the best technology and innovative technology.

About Panotec Co., Ltd.

건물의 창

Panotec is ...

Since its establishment in 1999, we will provide optimal services for digital IT solutions and grow further into a truly innovative company that leads growth and innovation by securing new technologies in air environment industrial technology, smart building application technology, energy reduction technology, and automatic control device technology.

CEO / Doctor of Engineering

Kwangwoo. Jung

We provides digital change technology solutions

  • Smart City Application Technology

  • Smart Building Application Technology

  • Energy Reduction Technology

  • Building Automatic Control Device Technology

  • Air Environment Industry Technology

  • Metaverse Platform Technology

디지털 북
현대 오피스

The Best Service

Based on years of experience in operating large buildings, we are conducting IBS (Intelligent Building System) construction, design, and consulting to diversify our business areas.

We are also striving to become a strong company with excellent technology by obtaining state-certified green technology, green product, NET (new technology), NET (new technology), procurement excellence, performance certification, GS (Good Software) certification, Q-mark certification, KC certification, and BACnet BTL certification.

We have various construction experience and will provide the best service from design to construction and maintenance.

Pont d ' 아비뇽
Panotec logo_E1.png


Panotech's CI starts from the hope that the brilliant moments and times unfolding continuously like a panorama will be remembered forever and never end, and this panotech also contains the desire that this panotech will not stop growing continuously and infinitely.


It is a symbol that combines planes and lines and shows a three-dimensional panoramic image.

​The entire color of the emblem is psychologically blue, which symbolizes stability and trust, followed by aqua color, creating a natural gradation. In aquamarine gems, the aqua color symbolizes that it brings deep insight and the ability to read the future.

Energy Convergence Technology Research Institute

We are facing the 4th industrial revolution in which information and communication technology (ICT) converges. It is applied to various fields such as health care, remote meter reading, and smart home in an environment where information is shared through wired and wireless networks for objects in daily life.

​Technology Research Institute is conducting continuous research on the development of new products such as optimal building control, energy saving, and pleasant environment. We promise to do our best to grow together with our customers without being complacent.

Assembling Spacecraft




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