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Machinery automatic control


BLUhprovides functions to monitor/control air conditioning, heat sources, sanitary facilities, etc., and promotes the reliability and safety of a pleasant indoor space and manager's working environment through proper operation of the system, and is a system for economical maintenance of mechanical equipment.

▶ Features and contents

▸Application of open protocol (BAC net) communication method, which is a domestic building automatic control standard

▸Applying the decentralized DDC method to perform the stand-alone function when the central monitoring unit is abnormal

▸Applied DDC CPU redundancy

▸Application of energy saving plan by low carbon (CO2) emission system and occupancy monitoring

▸Precise monitoring and control of mechanical equipment system through graphic screen

▸Application of a system that can be integrated and interlocked with various systems (renewable energy, EHP system, etc.)

▸Accurate temperature and humidity control through continuous P/PI/PID control program

▸Control of air conditioning equipment (air conditioner, VAV, FCU, FAN)

▸Monitoring/controlling heat source facilities and sanitary facilities

▸Application of EMS software (optimal start/stop, control of the number of equipment, etc.)

▸Daily/monthly report and trend analysis


▶ Construction effect

▸Adopting Open Protocol (BAC net) environment for easy future scalability and compatibility

▸Distributed structure for each DDC, so one DDC does not affect the overall communication

▸Perfect compatibility between products and maximization of efficiency

▸Realization of energy saving effect through maximization of carbon reduction, outdoor air compensation control, occupancy monitoring control, etc.

▸ Easy to expand and change in the future

▸ Contributing to Acquisition of Green Building Certification - “Acquisition of Zero Energy Certification”

Easy, comfortable and safe building management

As the current building becomes high-rise, the range that can be managed is expanding. BLUh is designed to manage efficiently, easily and at a glance by freely controlling and monitoring the operation status of air conditioning facilities, heat source facilities, sanitary facilities, and other facilities.


Acquired GS certification grade 1 from Korea Information and Communication Technology Agreement (TTA) quality certified.

Acquired GS certification

Certification Number13-0239


Certification NumberQ372610

Certification NumberE076822


​Quality Management System Certificate Acquisition

ISO 14001:2015


The quality management system implemented by ICR (International Certification Registrar) has been certified as suitable for certification standards.

BLUh, maximizing efficiency in the age of automation

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