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Integrated monitoring (DID)

​Integrated control system

중앙 제어 룸

Various systems such as facility, power, lighting, firefighting, crime prevention, elevator, solar power, geothermal, remote meter reading, emergency bell, electric vehicle charging, floor air conditioning, VAV, etc. It is a system that can be monitored.

Efficient monitoring according to the situation by linking with the integrated system

You can renew the screen layout according to the situation, or save frequently used screen layouts in advance to switch the layout with a single simple operation. It is a system that helps to quickly and accurately judge the situation by expanding and arranging the main screens when a situation occurs while monitoring the main surveillance system in the facility with individual screens in normal times.

View monitoring key features

Interlocking integrated monitoring (example)
By linking the integrated SI, automatic screen conversion suitable for monitoring/operation can be linked.


Certification NumberQ372610

Certification NumberE076822


​Quality Management System Certificate Acquisition

ISO 14001:2015


The quality management system implemented by ICR (International Certification Registrar) has been certified as suitable for certification standards.


​Monitoring system, efficient surveillance

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