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Facility Management System

Facility Asset Management (FMS)


An essential solution for asset management that is responsible for reducing facility asset management cost + extending facility life

Establishing a reasonable management system for facility operation and standardized operation reduces maintenance costs, increases operational efficiency, and provides unprecedented convenient work effects through efficient facility inspection and management through automatic work schedule issuance to building occupants. provide.

Standardization of work Maximization of work efficiency

BLUf is optimized for unification of information through data integration in an integrated operation management method. By reducing the maintenance cost of buildings and related facilities, it is possible to reduce the unit cost of management, extend the life of facilities, and reduce work hours according to multiple work instructions and work logs for each department. Expected effects include analysis and review of work, suitable for prevention, and establishment of standard manuals to support work standardization and maximization of work efficiency.

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Acquired GS certification grade 1 from Korea Information and Communication Technology Agreement (TTA) quality certified.

Acquired GS certification

Certification Number13-0239


Certification NumberQ372610

Certification NumberE076822


​Quality Management System Certificate Acquisition

ISO 14001:2015


The quality management system implemented by ICR (International Certification Registrar) has been certified as suitable for certification standards.


BLU f, standardization of work

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