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System Integration

System Integration (SI)


We provide state-of-the-art management of facilities, power switchboards, and lighting for each floor in order to manage a huge building. However, BLUi (system integration) was introduced for more efficient promotion. BLUi provides efficient services to managers through real-time communication with available systems installed in buildings, such as facilities, power, and lighting, as well as parking, remote meter reading, elevators, and CCTVs.

Support linkages for detailed systems

In a high-rise modern building, emergency response can be a big issue. In the event of a fire or other situation, each control system transmits an emergency signal to automatic control, elevator, lighting, and access control. In BLUi, emergency signals are transmitted using TCP/IP and standard protocols, and signals are sent to individual interlocking systems (CCTV, geothermal, floor air conditioning, etc.) to support more diverse connection methods.

See BLUi Key Features



IBS Certification System
Level 1 standard in the field of integration

It is possible to build a system according to the standard of the first grade of intelligent building. (must proceed from the design stage and consultation stage)


Certification NumberQ372610

Certification NumberE076822


​Quality Management System Certificate Acquisition

ISO 14001:2015


The quality management system implemented by ICR (International Certification Registrar) has been certified as suitable for certification standards.


BLUi, maximizing the efficiency of building management

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