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PanoAir- Clean Air Solution

BLU Eco Series

Temperature sensor, humidity sensor, fine dust sensor, formaldehyde sensor, smoke sensor, etc...

lots and lots of sensors


nowsensor "one"solve it with

0414_파노텍03047 copy.jpg

Indoor Complex Sensor D200

​Indoor fine dust complex sensor BLU ECO D200 is ultra-fine dust (PM1.0), ultra-fine dust (PM2.5), fine dust (PM10), formaldehyde, CO2, temperature , It is an indoor multi-detector that allows you to see the humidity at once.

​composite sensor for duct R250

R250 is a complex sensor for ducts that integrates various sensors such as temperature, humidity, fine dust (PM1.0/2.5/10), CO2, smoke detection (SD), formaldehyde (HCHO), and organic compounds (TVOC).

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Other indoor complex sensors

Meet more ​BLU ECO series in Pantech store and catalog.

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