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Building Automation System

building automatic control


Machinery automatic control

BLUh provides functions to monitor/control air conditioning, heat sources, sanitary facilities, etc., and promotes the reliability and safety of a pleasant indoor space and manager's working environment through proper operation of the system, and is a system for economical maintenance of mechanical equipment.

Power/lighting control


It is a centralized monitoring system that classifies, analyzes and processes electrical elements through a digital power protection monitoring device, etc.

In particular, total energy management and system stability can be guaranteed through maximum power demand control and power factor control.


It is a centralized control system that can realize a more economical and intelligent lighting environment by minimizing management personnel as a system for saving energy, creating a pleasant working environment, and operating an effective lighting facility. It is an economical system considering investment cost and maintenance.



It is a product that has been certified for BACnet conformance in the global test for the global BAS standard.

Simplified native BACnet communication and basic BACnet communication ensure smooth connection with the upper system.

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