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Integrated building management system

Integrated building management

System Integration (SI)

We provide state-of-the-art management of facilities, power switchboards, and lighting for each floor in order to manage a huge building. However, for more efficient promotion, BLUi (system integration) was introduced. BLUi provides efficient services to managers through real-time communication with available systems installed in buildings, such as facilities, power, and lighting, as well as parking, remote meter reading, elevators, and CCTVs.

Facility Asset Management (FMS)

Establishing a reasonable management system for facility operation and standardized operation reduces maintenance costs, increases operational efficiency, and provides unprecedented convenient work effects through efficient facility inspection and management through automatic work schedule issuance to building occupants. provide.


​Integrated control system (DID)

Various systems such as facility, power, lighting, firefighting, crime prevention, elevator, solar power, geothermal, remote meter reading, emergency bell, electric vehicle charging, floor air conditioning, VAV, etc. It is a system that can be monitored.

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